Empowering Child Care Excellence

How It Works

Thank you for choosing Child Care Suits! Our website is designed to provide a user-friendly experience for parents, students, and schools. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to use our website effectively.


Upon accessing our website, you will land on the homepage. Here, you can find an overview of our services, key features, and testimonials from satisfied users.

Find Your Perfect Plan

All plans include attendance tracking, parent communication, task management, reporting and analytics, staff management, and data security.

Choose Your User Role

After logging in, choose your user role: parent, student, or school representative. You will be directed to a personalized dashboard tailored to your needs.

For Parents

Child Enrollment

As a parent navigate to the "Enroll Your Child" Section.

Fill in your child's details, such as name, age, allergies, and medical history.

Real-Time Updates

Stay informed about your child's activities, events, and important announcements through the "Real-Time Updates" section.

 Receive push notifications on your device for instant updates.


Utilize the in-app messaging feature to communicate with your child's teachers and caregivers. 

Ask questions, share feedback, and discuss your child's progress.

Attendance Tracking

Monitor your child's attendance records, including check-in and check-out times, under the "Attendance Tracking" section.

Calendar and Events

Access the shared calendar to view your child's schedule, school events, holidays, and important dates.

Payments and Finance

Conveniently make secure online payments for tuition fees, events, and additional services through the website.

For Students

As a student, the website may not have specific features for direct access. However, you can benefit from enhanced care and communication between parents and teachers

For School

Manage Enrollments

As a school representative, access the "Manage Enrollments" section. Review and approve parent enrollment requests for your school or daycare center. Update student details and assign them to specific classes or groups

Communication with Parents

Use the website's messaging feature to communicate with parents, share event invitations, and make announcements

Attendance Records

Record and track student attendance, including late arrivals and absences. 

Generate attendance reports for individual students or classes.

Calendar and Scheduling

Update the shared calendar with school events, class schedules, and holidays. 

Parents can sync this information with their personal calendars.

Financial Administration

Manage and track payments from parents for tuition fees and other services. 

Keep financial records organized and accessible.

Help and Support

Should you encounter any issues or have questions, access the "Help and Support" section for FAQs or to contact our customer support team.