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    Childcare Application Suite

    Run your business seamlessly with this all in one customizable application suite. Parent engagement, manage staff, enrollment, automated billing, staff scheduling, reporting, attendance management. With our easy to use app, you can run your childcare business from anywhere. No more paper work or waiting on phone calls.

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Parent-Teacher Communication Portal
Online Registration and Enrollment
Secure Access and Attendance Tracking
Parent-Teacher Communication Portal

A comprehensive parent-teacher communication portal serves as a direct line of communication between parents and teachers. This feature allows parents to stay informed about their child's daily activities, progress, and any important announcements. Teachers can provide updates on lessons, assignments, and behavior, fostering a collaborative relationship between parents and educators. The portal might include features such as real-time messaging, event notifications, progress reports, and the ability for parents to schedule meetings with teachers.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Fully cloud-based platform, so no need to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Integrate across Platforms

Integrates with Zoho service and 3rd party Apps.

Improve Efficiency

Allows to save time on frequently occurring business routines as it automates recurring action, schedule tasks, and notifications.

Access business data

Access business data and reports anytime and anywhere via mobile apps.
Online Registration and Enrollment
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Simplify the enrollment process for parents by offering an online registration feature. Parents can easily submit their child's information, required documents, medical history, and emergency contact details through the website. This not only reduces paperwork but also enables administrators to manage applications more efficiently. The feature can also provide a secure payment gateway for registration fees and tuition payments. Administrators can review applications, accept or reject enrollments, and manage class capacities all within the platform, streamlining the administrative tasks involved in the enrollment process.
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Secure Access and Attendance Tracking

Implement a secure login system that allows parents and authorized guardians to access the application suite. Each user should have a unique login with their own credentials to ensure the privacy and security of children's information. Additionally, incorporate attendance tracking functionality that enables teachers to mark the attendance of each child electronically. Parents can view their child's attendance record, ensuring transparency and accurate record-keeping. This feature adds convenience for parents and enhances security by limiting access to authorized individuals only.

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 Empowering Childcare Excellence 


We offer all the tools which will help you to manage your business, build relationship with parents and support your staff!

With our easy to use app, you can run your childcare business from anywhere. No more paper work or waiting on phone calls. 

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Admin portal

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual data entry. Our suite automates the enrollment process, saving you time and effort.

parent portal

Communicate effortlessly with parents through automated messaging, sending updates, alerts, and reminders directly to their devices. Stay connected with parents and keep them informed at all times. 

parent PORTAL
Financial PORTAL

Financial portal

Manage billing, invoicing, and payments effortlessly. Have full control over your finances with our intuitive financial management system.

Customizable and Scalable

A childcare application suite with customizable user profiles, scalable learning management, and robust communication tools, ensuring tailored experiences and adaptability for parents, caregivers, and administrators. Advanced features include personalized scheduling, secure messaging, and comprehensive health tracking for optimal child development and parental engagement.

customizable & Scalable

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